Water Cleanable Fabrics (Supremo Collection)

Supremo is the ultimate easy clean fabric. Each and every filament is treated prior to weaving with a special anti-stain application meaning that once woven the entire fabric is fully protected against even the most stubborn marks and spills. Just watch and you'll see for yourself.


Cleaning Step-by-step Guide

  1. If spills occur it is important to try and clean fabric as soon as possible.
  2. Using kitchen paper try to dab off as much liquid as possible - avoid using a rubbing motion.
  3. Apply just enough water to cover the affected area.
  4. Then start dabbing with kitchen paper until the stain starts to disappear.
  5. For optimum results finish with a lint free cloth, again dabbing rather than rubbing if possible, then allow to dry naturally.
  6. In the case of more stubborn or dried in stains repeat process as necessary.

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