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Hot Pink Armchair Modelli Fabrics Velvet

Pink Velvet Armchair

Serving hot pink gorgeousness 🎀 This mighty chair has been reupholstered by the talented @scrtmsgs using our Maestro 3751 Drama Queen.

Antique Armchair Reupholstery

Antique Chair in Crushed Velvet

Look at this gorgeous antique chair making the most of golden hour. Our Lustra 2324 Soft Apricot looks simply divine basking in the sunshine. 🍑 Thanks to for the exquisite work and for sharing your images with us.

Yellow Armchair Upholstery

Yellow Armchair Goals

We're loving this cheery armchair in Topolino 3794 Speedy Gonzales. It's just what the doctor ordered ☀️ Thanks @oxygenupholstery for sharing your fab work with us!

Velvet Dining Chair

Fabulous Darling

These retro chairs have been painted graphite grey and completely reupholstered in Lustra 2329 Titanium velvet to give a modern plush finish. Well done to @clarenewtonupholstery for the excellent work.

Dogtooth Rocking Chair

Dogtooth Rocking Chair

Well isn't this cute? @worthysoriginals has done an excellent job of transforming this old rocking chair into something rather special. Great choice on the Castello 3119 Neutral Ground.

Animal Print Curtains Modelli Fabrics

Double Pinch Pleat Curtains

Look at these stunning double pinch pleat curtains and pelmet with velvet piped trim. @harrietdjgreig using our Serengeti What’s New Pussycat for this gorgeous nursery room transformation.

Dark Herringbone Armchair

Dreamy Dark Armchair

Loving this dark and mysterious armchair, it looks like just the perfect spot for reading. @thirteen_furniture_co have used Savona 3170 London Taxi which features a fine and subtle herringbone weave. Enough said.

Footstool easy clean modelli fabrics

Nano Clean Technology

Is it a chair, is it a footstool? This interesting piece has been upholstered by the lovely @worthysoriginals using our Concerto 3736 Fender Bender. The fabric features a fantastic nano clean technology and a super soft handle.

Outdoor Seating Fabrics

Outdoor Seating Upholstery

We're manifesting some sunshine with this delicious outdoor seating. ☀️ @amythomasupholstery used our Alfresco 3519 Risotto Rice for these cushions, designed to withstand even the most demanding weather conditions. Stunning!

Landover Interior Upholstery

Landrover Interior Transformation

How fabulous are these personalised Land Rover interiors? @ls.upholstery used our Robusto 4046 Saddlebags and customised the cab seats, rear bench seats, the drinks holder and sun visors amongst other little things for their client. Nice!

Blue Velvet Sofa

Blue Velvet Sofa

Well hello there you electric blue beauty 💙 A stupendous job by @highcroft_interiors and @harrietdjgreig - what a transformation! Passione Velvet 3199 Midnight Sky was the chosen one for this project.

Floral ArmChair Modelli Fabrics

Floral Heaven

Well well well, isn't this collaboration of dreams! 🌼 Our Peonia 3878 Lava Lamp looks simply divine next to this floral mural. Thanks to Sarah and Susan for sharing your images and to the talented Rachel Potter Upholstery for her craft!