If you're looking for inspiration then look no further.

We love when you share your work with us. If you'd like to see your work in our new gallery please send us your photos.

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Extra Texture !

We love the shape of this curved Danish 1930's/ 1940's seater sofa from the team over at @simply.danish. It looks to die for in our heavy boucle fabric, Massimo 4022 Extra Texture.


It's in the Bag !

Creative and stunning use of our Destino faux suede and Verdura vegan faux leather.

Ortensia 3781

Floral Frenzy !

Brilliant use of Ortensia 3781 by Anna at based in Sunderland.

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Wheel of Fortuna !

This Parker Knoll chair has been given a fabulous new lease of life thanks to the hard work of @ethelupholsterysurrey and our Fortuna 3487 Rice Paper Chenille upholstery fabric. Thanks for sharing the photo - it's quite a transformation. Check out @ethelupholsterysurrey for the before!

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Sitting Pretty

This wingback chair looks absolutely lush in Passione 3197 Orinoco Delta Velvet. The hard work of @chapholstery has really paid off with this one. Thanks for sharing the photo with us!Plush and Lush !

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On The Right Track

@echoupholsterydesign We loved your purple velvet scalloped cocktail chair in Passione 3192 Spring Clematis Velvet.

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Retro Chic

This 1950s sofa looks very inviting indeed in Volterra 3269 Kirkstone Slate and Flannel Trousers 3267. Thanks to Simply Danish for posting the photo!

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Think Pink !

How beautiful does this chair look finished in Fresca Ballet Shoes? Suitable for all upholstery / soft furnishing applications and deceptively hard-wearing at 50000 rubs. Thank you to @cwtchydays for sharing.

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Tell Me About Your Childhood...

How comfy does this little cutie look relaxing on the chaise lounge? Thanks @bella_chairs_by_wardells for sharing your chaise lounge finished in Sinfonia 3614 Hotel du Lac

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Ahoy There !

Fantastic boat restoration. The cushions are looking so smart and comfortable now in Alfresco 3522 Ocean Liner and piping in Alfresco 3529 False Flag. Thanks, @marnsmakes for sharing your photos with us.

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Got The Blues ?

Is anyone else feeling blue today? 💙 We are thanks to these stunning chairs reupholstered in Passione 3199 Midnight Sky by @Transformed.Treasures.

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You're Cornered

This chair has been given a second lease of life thanks to Pam Hall, a lot of TLC and Ortensia 3784 Paul Cezanne 🌺