Valentino 3868
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Valentino 3868

Free Diving


per metre (inc VAT)

Design-wise Valentino is a contemporary twist on a classic herringbone style and comes in 24 bang on trend colour options.

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Arm Chair in Valentino
Arm Chair in Valentino 3859 (Robin Hood) with Cushion

This little beauty does the lot. Machine washable, insanely hard wearing and Teflon treated to give you the ultimate in easy care fabrics. Any spills will simply pearl off.

Washable / Easy Care

Sofas and Chairs

Soft Furnishing (Cushions etc)


Caravan / Motorhome / Boat

Curtaining / Blinds

Ultra Hard Wearing (40000 Rubs Minimum)

Ideal for Pets & Children

Domestic Upholstery

Contract Use (with extra FR coating)


Colour: Free Diving
Fabric Appearance: Low / Mid Sheen, Light / Medium Crush, Heavy Crush
Fabric Styles: Plain / Self Pattern
Fabric Types: Velvet
Uses & Qualities: Washable / Easy Care, Sofas and Chairs, Soft Furnishing (Cushions etc), Conservatory, Caravan / Motorhome / Boat, Curtaining / Blinds, Ultra Hard Wearing (40000 Rubs Minimum), Ideal for Pets & Children, Domestic Upholstery, Contract Use (with extra FR coating)
Collection: Valentino