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Ultra Hard Wearing (40000 Rubs Minimum) Upholstery Fabric

Every upholstery fabric sold in the UK must by law comply with all related British Standards. These govern all aspects of fabric performance including durability, light and colour fastness, flammability - the list goes on. Suffice to say that we have the toughest requirements anywhere in the world.

Before we launch any new upholstery fabric we make absolutely sure that it will pass all these tests. To this end we pummel it, rip it, tear it, shred it, torch it and generally abuse it to the point of destruction!

Only if our upholstery fabrics get through this rigorous process are they then offered for sale.

Ultra hard-wearing fabrics go even further. From a durability point of view, they exceed the minimum levels by at least 100% and in some cases 500%!

So, if you need a fabric which is as tough as old boots look no further.

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