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Ideal for Pets & Children Upholstery Fabric

We've lost count of the number of customers who phone asking if we have dog/cat/child-proof fabrics! The simple answer is that no such fabric exists - however, all is not lost!

We have nearly 500 fabrics (many are machine washable) which will pretty much withstand anything that your brood can throw at them. Whilst we can't guarantee that a sustained attack by a determined Jack Russell will be indefinitely repelled, we can say that providing you make the right fabric choice you can be assured of a long and happy relationship between your sofa and your little ones! All are easy care and can be wiped down with a damp sponge as required.

The golden rule is to avoid fabrics which have a loop weave construction or any yarns which are susceptible to snagging or pulling. For this reason velvets are perfect as they have a cut pile - so are tightly woven chenilles.

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