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    Flame Stitch Upholstery Fabric

    All our upholstery fabrics fully comply to all British Standard testing requirements covering fire resistance, wear, weave strength and light/colour fastness. Our curtain/decoration fabrics are supplied non FR but meet all the required British Standards. The majority of our fabrics are 140cm wide but do vary between 135-150cm. We keep everything in stock and 99% of the time delivery is within a couple of working days for UK orders.

    Use the filters above to narrow down your search. We have thousands of colours and uses to choose from. Free samples on all fabrics!

  • Radio 7633

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    Dreaming Spires
    7633 Dreaming Spires
  • Radio 7635

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    Purple Prose
    7635 Purple Prose
  • Radio 7631

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    Gray Owl
    7631 Gray Owl
  • Radio 7634

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    Aqua Marina
    7634 Aqua Marina
  • Radio 7632

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    Full Moon
    7632 Full Moon
  • Radio 7636

    £24.95/m inc VAT
    African Grey
    7636 African Grey

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