The Modelli Difference

Here's a few reasons why we believe what we offer our customers differs significantly from most of our competitors.

Free Samples means Free Samples!

Feel free to check us out on this one. Most other fabric companies selling online either charge for sample cuttings (typically 75p approx per cutting), or they claim to offer 'free' samples, but then apply a sneaky postage charge - often upwards of £4.00. It costs us around £1.50 to send out up to 8 samples, first class post, so figure this one out!

We are also to the best of our knowledge, the only fabric company who extend free samples and postage to customers worldwide.

Jumbo Samples - A Great Way to be Sure Before Buying

Costing just £9.00 and with free postage, our jumbo samples are the perfect way to see exactly how a fabric works before taking the plunge and ordering bulk. Measuring 25cm x 130cm on average, there is more than enough to see the full repeat on a large design, or how the texture/crushing works on a plain. Not sure how many other companies offer this but very few we believe.

Order Exactly What You Want - No More, No Less

Our minimum order for bulk is 1 metre - pretty much how everyone else does it. However - most other companies oblige customers to order whole metres, or very occasionally in half-metre increments. This may not be a huge issue if the order is for 15m and above, but imagine you need fabric for a small project (footstool, headboard etc) and you only require 1.2m. Pretty wasteful if you have to order 2m to get 1.2m isn't it? With Modelli Upholstery fabrics there is no such problem. Starting at 1 metre, customers can then order precisely what they need in 10cm increments so if you need 2.7m, 1.4m, 3.9m or whatever the quantity may be, we can supply just what you want. Our decoration fabrics perfect for curtaining & blinds can be ordered in half-metre increments.

Fair and Sensible Pricing

We buy our fabrics direct and sell direct. We do not maintain showrooms, have armies of representatives or make expensive pattern books. Furthermore, we do not oblige our customers to purchase our products through approved stockists as is the case with many companies you will find on Google. In short, by eliminating marketing and distribution costs, we are able to keep prices down to a very competitive level.

Expert, Honest Advice

We love to hear from our customers and to chat through their requirements. We have a very small management team who between them have more than 80 years experience in the fabric and upholstery sectors. We will always be upfront and honest with customers - even if this may sometimes mean actively dissuading customers from buying a particular fabric if we feel it will not be appropriate in the long term for the intended use. This is especially true of customers who have small children or pets, where some fabrics will be far more suitable than others.