Sample Cuttings

We are very happy to offer a free sample cutting service to our customers. We understand that it is difficult to make an informed choice from seeing a fabric image online and even though we take every precaution to ensure that images shown on site are as accurate as possible there are many factors which can influence what the customer sees - different monitors and browsers can substantially alter how colours and textures appear.

Sample cuttings come in two different sizes - plain/semi plain fabrics are roughly 12cm square, larger repeat designs roughly 18cm x 12cm.

Customers are limited to 8 samples per visit - should more be required then we advise customers to contact us by email [email protected] or phone 01949 851 116. We understand that there are times when customers will need to see more than 8 samples.

Samples are sent by Royal Mail 1st class post and normally arrive within a couple of days maximum. Should samples fail to arrive within 4 or 5 days then customers should contact us - samples do go missing sometimes! Overseas sample orders are sent by airmail. We do not send samples tracked/signed for due to the extra costs involved.

We offer free samples in absolute good faith and the overwhelming majority of our customers request samples in the same spirit - we are very grateful for this.

HOWEVER - We are increasingly being asked for free samples by 'customers' who have no intention of ordering fabric at some point in the future. In other words 'customers' who simply want free samples because they are free. We wish to be very clear that we do not offer free samples/postage in order to give 'customers' a free source of raw materials (yes, there are plenty who look to use our sample cuttings to convert into saleable items, patchwork quilts etc) or a free source of coursework materials in the case of students. As our business has grown so this has become a bigger issue for us. We know we could stop this in its tracks by making a small charge for cuttings or postage but to so do would not only unfairly penalise all of our genuine customers, but would totally go against our business philosophy. Consequently we will take a very strict view if we suspect that samples are being requested for anything other than genuine reasons and we absolutely reserve the right not to send samples in such cases.