Toccata Washable Weave £19.95/m inc VAT

Super hard wearing, machine washable, 24 cracking colours and under £20 a metre !

Luciano Chunky Chenille £24.95/m inc VAT

Reassuringly chunky, heavweight chenille in a whopping 32 colour options. Mamma Mia !

Sonata Peach Skin Weave £24.95/m inc VAT

Ultra hard wearing and stain repellent treated. Gorgeously soft and great colour line.

Supremo Water Cleanable Weave £27.95/m inc VAT

Astonishing looks and performance ! Machine washable, ultra hard wearing and can be cleaned with just water !

Concerto Water Cleanable Weave £27.95/m inc VAT

28 fabulous colours. Machine washable and can be spot cleaned with just WATER !

Retro Washable Chenille £24.95/m inc VAT

Vintage moquette style look given a superb modern makeover. 24 luscious shades, super hard wearing and machine washable.

Casino Washable Weave £24.95/m inc VAT

Washable, ultra hard wearing, 24 superb colours and a touch of lurex for that glitzy look !

Maestro Cotton Look Velvet £24.95/m inc VAT

36 stunning colours. Gorgeously soft handle. Ultra hard wearing and machine washable.

Ortensia Printed Washable Velvet £32.95/m inc VAT

2 stunning designs in 7 gorgeous colourways. Bellissimo !

Rustica Ultra Soft Chenille £24.95/m inc VAT

Washable Chenille Upholstery Fabric

About Modelli Fabrics

The Modelli principle is simple - to offer clients the very finest quality upholstery fabrics at super prices, and to give the best possible service.

We carry extensive stocks of all our furnishing fabrics and only sell running lines which are exclusive to Modelli. Clients can rest assured that however long they need to decide on which fabulous upholstery and sofa fabric to buy, we will have goods available.

Superb Quality and Value

We buy all our upholstery fabrics direct from our worldwide network of trusted weaving mills. We stock them in the UK and sell direct to the public. Since we do not maintain expensive showrooms or employ teams of representatives, we eliminate many costs associated with our type of business and pass these savings on to our customers. Every fabric we sell has been subjected to the most rigorous testing in accordance with British Standard so you can be assured of excellent quality everytime.

Huge Choice

We now carry over 1,700 upholstery fabrics in stock and given this huge range we believe that we have just about the most comprehensive selection of upholstery fabrics to be found online. Not only that but with such a vast selection there is every chance that we will have the perfect upholstery fabric for you! Browsing couldn't be easier with our custom fabric finder which allows customers to really pinpoint what they are looking for.